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July 21, 2021
Saving Water: 11 Steps to do it with Tap Aerator

Water is one of the most important things we need for survival. It's also a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce, so it behooves us to learn how to conserve water. Here are 11 ways you can save water with tap aerator and still have your home looking great! Turn Off Your Faucet: If you […]

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July 11, 2021
How Tap Nozzles works ?

TAP AERATORS What are Aerators? Tap Aerators are water-consuming devices that are commonly found a part in indoor water faucets. They can be simply screwed in and out by themselves. It creates a small stream splash letting out water sprays. Splash prevention: The Aerators are designed with Splash prevention. It is a process when a […]

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July 11, 2021
Why water conservation nozzles are energy efficient ?

A water conservation nozzles is a fine attachment fixed inside the taps or faucets to save more water. It is shocking that we approximately waste about 60% of water while managing households. To prevent this type of water wastage, a smart device is designed. That can be fit into the tube of the tap or […]

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February 29, 2020
Frenquently Asked Question(FAQ) for Water Saving Aerator for Taps

1. What is the minimum operating water pressure required for aerators?The operating pressure of aerators varies within a specific range. The aerators operate at a minimum operating water pressure of 1 bar. Greenly Aerators are available at How do I measure pressure out of my tap?One can measure the pressure out of the tap can be done via pressure gauge. 3. How do I calculate the size of the tap?The size of the faucet can be calculated by removing the aerator or Adapter rings and measure the diameter using a tape.4. Does th...

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