Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for WaterSAVE Aerators

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1. What is the minimum operating water pressure required for aerators?

The operating pressure of aerators varies within a specific range. The aerators operate at a minimum operating water pressure of 1 bar. Greenly Aerators are available at

2. How do I measure pressure out of my tap?

One can measure the pressure out of the tap can be done via pressure gauge.  

3. How do I calculate the size of the tap?

The size of the faucet can be calculated by removing the aerator or Adapter rings and measure the diameter using a tape.

4. Does this work with automated faucets?

As long as the tap has a removable aerator, it will work with automated faucets. 

5. Will the WaterSAVE Aerator works in hard and salty water?

WaterSAVE Aerator will work in hard and salty water as long as certain procedures are followed by the user or the maintenance head in your apartments. Please contact us to know more. 

6. Does the WaterSAVE Aerator require periodic maintenance?

Yes, it needs periodic maintenance due to the presence of foreign particles and sediments in the water, we recommend to remove the WaterSAVE Aerator and clean the filters periodically.

7. What is the flow rate of normal aerators?

The flow of normal aerators varies from 8 liters to 12 liters per minute based on water pressure.

8. What is the warranty period for aerators?

1 Year from the date of receiving the Aerators is the warranty period. Warranty is provided only against manufacturing defect. Please contact us to know more.

9. Do the aerators fits all kind of taps?

The aerators fit only 22 mm standard tap(F24/M24 Threaded Taps) and not all taps.  

10. Do I need technical assistance in installing the aerators?

This product is DIY (Do It Yourself). A 22 mm spanner or a wrench is sufficient to remove the existing aerator and install WaterSAVE Aerator. It will take a maximum of two minutes, so hard work plus Maggi can be a wonderful combo.

11. Can we use this aerator with plastic taps?

Most Plastic Taps do not come with a filter fitment at the tap end. It cannot be fixed on such taps. If the plastic taps have the right thread size, It can be used.

12. Is the flow adjustable?

Sorry, it's not possible.

13. Can it be installed in an 18mm (junior size) or 28mm Tap?

It can be installed in 18mm or 28mm Tap provided you have a suitable adaptor. 

14. Can I use this product in a Non-threaded Tap?

Sorry. It's not possible to use it in Non-threaded Taps. We are trying to find a solution for it.

15. Do I need regular maintenance?

It is needed. So, maintenance is based on the quality and sediments of your tap water. We, at Greenly, advise cleaning of the filter once in 15 days.

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