how to save water in home?

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how to save water in home and what are the best way to save water in your home or office.

> Rain water harvesting

> Install a low-flow showerhead. Spend less time in the shower.

> Turn off the water if you shave or brush your teeth in the shower to save time.
> Fix leaking plumbing lines and taps.
> Put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up, and use the water you catch for watering plants, flushing the toilet or cleaning.
> Install a water meter and measure your water economy.
> Install the water saving nozzles, water saving aerators, water saving taps, flow regulator, flow restrictors
> Just a bucket of water is enough to clean a car. It gives same results as a running hose.
> User water saving water sprinklers and mist nozzles for watering plants.
> Call in a plumbing professional if necessary. 
> Replace Old In-efficient Washing Machine with an Efficient Washing Machine as it saves both energy and water
> Automatic water level controller and sensors.

> Low flow showerheads

>Zero discharge water purifier

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