Rain Water Harvesting  System in Chennai

Rain water harvesting experts in chennai
Greenly offers innovative and foolproof rainwater harvesting solutions which very effective in conservation and consumption of Rainwater efficiently in Chennai.
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Greenly provides integrated water resource management with the supply of rainwater harvesting filters, RCC rain water storage tanks, and related systems, for buildings including apartments, factories, and commercial establishments. Greenly Rain Water Harvesting system is brought to the customers through partnership with RPV WISY Enterprises (Indo-German Partnership). We offer innovative yet simple water harvesting system which overcomes all the shortcomings of conventional water harvesting system. In addition, greenly offers rainwater harvesting consultancy services and provides turnkey solutions, including construction, maintenance in various cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Gurgoan. 

With our expertise in rain water harvesting projects in Chennai, We helped numerous customers around Chennai and other cities to acheive their water conservation efforts.

Rain water harvesting cost is very effective compared to water from other source of water as it is natural and free from harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss the problems and pain points first with traditional or conventional rain water harvesting system available in the market.

• Improper Filtration.
• The dirt accumulates in the filter mesh causes regular blocking, which reduces the water filtration rate.
• High accumulation of organic/inorganic wastes runs to the storage tank along with the filtered water.
• Results in overrunning of freshwater through the accumulated debris.
• Periodic maintenance is highly required.
• Low water diversion capacities.
• Poor water flow rate and efficiency.
• Can overflow during the heavy rain.
• Prone to clogging and microbial or fungal growth if not maintained regularly.
• Add bleach to the storage tanks to prevent the development of algae regularly.
• Possibility of clogging in the filter element.
• Doesn’t follow any Standards & guidelines, which results in poor working performance.

Advantage of our water harvesting system

• Collect up to 99 % of rainwater.
• Very less cost to save rainwater.
• Follows the DIN standards and guidelines.
• Works on Principle of free flow and adhesion.
• Drainage safety.
• Automatic rinsing off dirt water and complete dirt separation.
• Oxygenation of the rainwater at different stages.
• Extremely low maintenance.
• High water collection efficiency.
• Eco friendly.
• High durability and reliability.
• No clogging of filter element, which results in high efficiency, high water yield and good cleaning performance.
• Long life, 100 % recyclable materials.
• Stainless steel filter element has to be cleaned 1 to 4 times in a year either by dishwasher or by hand.
• Stable construction even if the installation is underground.

How we are doing it?

• Rainwater is captured through downspouts and diverted through either Vortex or Downpipe filter for fine filtration and oxygenation.
• The water then flows through a smoothing outlet for sedimentation and the distribution of oxygenating drainage water within the storage well or open well.
• Extraction of filtered water from the storage by a Floating filter for reuse. (In the case of reuse)
• A multi-siphon device controls the overflow and skimming of floating substances. (In the case of storage tanks).
How much rain water will be saved by using this system?
Our Rain water harvesting system saves around 122,000 Liters per 1000 square feet per year.
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