February 29, 2020

water saving nozzles in india

This article lists the Efficient Water Saving Nozzles available in India.

Even though there are lot of Water Saving Nozzle models available in India, Only few models are designed and manufactured in India and can effectively save water. Currently these water saving Nozzles are widely used in Corporate offices and IT parks. Our nozzles are priced competitively so it can reach every household around the world.

1. Truemist twister is a dual mode Water Saving Nozzle which can save up to 90% water in mist mode and 60% water in shower mode. It best suited for almost all taps including Kitchens, wash basins, corporate restrooms, Public places.

2. Trumist is a single mode Water Saving Nozzle which can save up to 97%. This nozzle is best suited for  Corporate restrooms, Public places.

3. Truespray nozzles are best for Kitchen, Commercial Kitchen, Religious places and Public places where the quantity of water required very less compared to a normal tap.

4. True TAPSHOWER for Kitchen.

All the above nozzles were manufacutured by www.synergyautomatics.in. Further details can be found in www.greenly.co.in 

Selection of water saving nozzles depends on the Size of the washbasins, Place of installation, Tap flow angle and puropse. Please contact us. we will be able to offer right product for your needs.

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