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Misting systems (generally classifed as Mist Cooling system and Fog Cooling System) create an excellent mist or fog effect. It is a package of pumps and a series of misting nozzles connected to tubing, and the system is pressurized to provide a fine mist or fog with tiny water droplet sizes anywhere between 5 to 50 microns.
The mist system works on evaporation cooling and works perfectly with dry weather conditions. However, it works averagely in humid weather and can reduce dust, odors, static electricity, and flying insects like Mosquitoes. It even helps regulate and maintain humidity for plants, greenhouses, homes, atrium, courtyard, Patio, hotel restaurants, etc.
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Low-Pressure misting system

A Low-Pressure misting system is almost like a sprinkler system where the water droplet size is above 50 microns. It is a straightforward and least expensive system of all as the working pressure will be in the range of 10 bar. Low-Pressure spray cools a small area, but water particles wet the area hugely.
One of the most popular models of low-pressure systems is TrueMist Eco. These systems are affordable and easy to attach. Some of these systems use a pump, which puts those in the range of Medium Pressure systems.


Medium Pressure misting system

A Medium Pressure misting system uses a motorized pump to raise the pressure to 20 to 35 bar. The pump and motor, tubes, fittings, and nozzles are rated to work within this range. The spray is fine enough to cool you in hot, dry weather, is less likely to get you wet, and can provide more cooling than a Low-pressure system.


High-Pressure misting system

A High-Pressure misting system will give the maximum cooling of any misting system available as it works in higher pressure above 35 bar even in areas with high humidity without getting anything wet. Misting system over 35 bar is known as a high-pressure misting system, and maximum efficiency can be achieved around 55 – 80 bar (800 – 1200 psi). As with all mist systems, all components must be rated to work within the same water pressure range.
Medium and High-Pressure systems use pumps to increase the water pressure from any water source, a gravity-fed source that already has some water pressure, or a ground source such as a pond or tank with still water that has no force.

What Makes a Great Misting System

A great misting system is a balance between purpose, budget and efficiency.
A high-pressure mist cooling system helps reduce energy consumption by 85% compared to a conventional cooling system like air conditioner.
Low pressure misting system are budget friendly but wets the subject area. It may be suitable for application which requires a certain amount of water as well as cooling.

Industrial Misting Systems

Industrial misting system are ideal for cooling Industrial sheds which generates high amount of heat and places where dust can be controlled or suppressed. Air conditioning using chiller is unviable in this situation. Industrial misting system provides cost effective way to cool the atmosphere and suppress dust as well. With a combination of high-pressure misting pumps and misting nozzles, industrial misting systems use atomized water to cool down the air around the area without getting  wet. Industrial outdoor misting provides a practical way to keep your atmosphere cool and comfortable irrespective of the outside temperature and heat generated from inside sheds.

Mist Cooling Systems

Mist cooling systems are ideal for cooling down outdoor areas such as restaurant patios, golf courses, tennis courts, amusement parks, and more. The mist cooling system helps reduce the temperature by 12°C in outdoor areas and 9°C in indoor areas. When installed near your patio, fountain, or outdoor pool, an outdoor mist cooling system can keep you comfortable, no matter how high the thermostat gets. Outdoor mist cooling systems propel the tiniest water droplets into the air, keeping things cool without wet if designed properly. Indoor areas should be properly ventilated in order to achieve efficiency in cooling.


Humidification systems use fog to add humidity to areas such as Industrial units, mushroom farms, greenhouses and warehouses. Many industries depend on climate control for their plants or products to flourish, and fog humidification systems are the ideal solution. If you need humidification in your greenhouse, textile plant, printing facility, Tea, wine storage area, etc., humidification systems can help you save money and boost profitability as the whole system is energy efficient and consumes much less water.

Dust Suppression

In many industries, dust is unavoidable. However, large amounts of dust as a by-product of business operations can be harmful to workers and nearby environments. Indoor and outdoor production companies such as stone crushing units, coal handling plants, Sand mining companies, Powders processing units and many more industries rely on dust suppression equipment to minimize airborne dust and comply with business and environmental regulations. Quality dust suppression systems propel high-pressure fog mist to combine with dust particles and effectively control dust.

Odor Control

Many businesses across numerous industries require industrial odor control to comply with strict regulations. Some common businesses that rely on industrial odor control systems are wastewater treatment facilities, cannabis cultivation, and waste transfer stations. If your company depends on odor control to stay in business and craft quality products, it’s important to have a reliable industrial odor control system. Greenly offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor industrial odor control, with systems that provide total odor elimination.

For Plants and farms

Misting and Fogging systems are increasingly used to grow plants, fruits, vegetables mushrooms and flowers in artificial climate controlled environment. Misting system are preferred for Hydroponic farms, Aeroponic farms, mushroom farms (both button mushroom and oyster mushroom farms), Precision farming system, smart irrigation system, Micro irrigation system and other greenhouse farms.

Special Effects Fog

Whether you would like to improve the aesthetics of your business for your customers, or would simply like to improve the look of your outdoor patio or pool, special effects are a great option. We install magical fog effects to gardens, walkways, and more. All special effects can be used for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes.

Main Uses Of Fog Mist Systems

• Beaches, swimming pool, aqua parks, holiday villages, Walkways (cooling, scenic performance)
 Bar, Restaurant, Hotels (cooling, scenic performance)
 Resorts (cooling, humidification, scenic performance)
 Industrial warehouses (cooling, humidification, dust and odour suppression)
 Factory farming (cooling, insect removal)
 Greenhouses (humidification & cooling)
 Wineries (humidification & cooling)
 Quarries (dust suppression)
 Rubbish dump (odor suppression)
 Animal Farms (Cooling)
 Blowrooms (Humidification)
 Homes (Cooling and Greenhouse)
 Button and Oyster mushroom farms
 Commercial Agricultural farms (Hydroponic, Aeroponic farms and smart irrigation systems)

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FAQ On Misting System

Do misting Cooling system uses lot of water and energy?

No. Water consumption and energy consumption of misting system is very less compared to conventional Air conditioner or Chiller units.

Can I DIY misting system installation?

Yes and No. In order to install the system, basic knowledge of plumbing is required. Our Support teams can help you to install misting system through Video calls.

Do you supply misting systems throughout India?

Yes. We have distributors in most cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgoan, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad serving the cities as well as areas nearby.

Where the misting systems can be used but not Air conditioning system?

Misting systems are best for outdoor areas where it is impossible to use air Conditioning system and can reduce temperature up to 12°C

Misting or Fogging – Which is better?

Misting or Fogging depends on the type of application. misting is best for places where a bit of water is required especially incase of watering plants or agricultural farming. Fogging has an advantage in cooling where wetting is not required.
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