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Greenly offers innovative water saving products and water conservation Fixtures for homes, commercial places and Industries. With distribution network all over India, we can reach any place quickly.

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Water Saving Products

Water Conservation products helps save water in the entire plumbing system be it a tap, shower, sinks and faucets.

Rain Water Harvesting

Do you know you can directly drink rainwater without processing? We help you to save rainwater and drink it safe. 
Water Saving Nozzles

Water Saving Nozzles

Water Conservation Nozzles for taps helps save water up to 97%. With various flow patterns and flow rates, we bring tap nozzles for every user requriement
Water Saving Aerator

Water Saving Aerator

Want to save water economically? we have the right product to increase your contribution to create better environment for our future generations.

Sensor Taps

With world going touchless, we bring Sensor tap attachments and Sensor activated urinals and help save water.

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Dual flow brass nozzle


TrueMist Twister is an innovative dual-mode Water-saving tap nozzle that the regular water flows into mist and dispense water to maximize water utilization by saving up to 90%. Just a twist to save water between fine mist mode and shower mode for versatile application. 

Mist Mode is advisable for vegetable wash, Hand wash, mild soiled plates washing and rinsing of Vessels.

Shower / Spray Mode is best for Filling glasses, Vessel washing and Higher water quantity applications.

Shower Flow Pattern Water Saving Nozzle

TrueMist True Tap Shower Nozzle sprays water in Shower pattern.

Tap Shower is versatile as it fulfils water saving requirements be it a Kitchen, wash basins, bathrooms or commercial installations.

We have 3 models starting from 2 LPM, 3 LPM and 4 LPM. Made of brass and chrome coated for durability.


Want to experience extreme water saving with mist, Install our TrueMist water saver. Saves 97% water out of the taps compared to normal aerators. Best suitable for wash basins at corporate office and Commercial establishment.
Umbrella flow pattern nozzle

Umbrella Flow Pattern Nozzle

TrueMist TrueSPRAY perfects the flow of water into spray form achieving water efficiency.

Conserve up to 87% water with our TrueSPRAY water saver without losing the tap functionality. 

Mist Flow Water Saver for Angled Tap

TrueMist Arc – Water Saver for Angled head Tap uses our unique technique of converting the water stream into mist by swrilling the water inside a chamber and creates minute particles of water (Atomizing technique)  and exits the orifice in form of mist there by saving huge amount of water.

TrueMist Arc 500 can reduce consumption by 93% of water at your taps. 

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At Greenly, we produce sustainable and long-lasting solutions for cleaning solar panels by being a high-quality manufacturer of tractor mounted solar cleaning solutions. It is an extremely cost effective and eco- friendly method of cleaning as it reduces the consumption of water drastically and also saves electricity as it can be operated with the tractor’s […]

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